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    Elle est extraordinairement belle et libre ….

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    A Perfect Body at allbodiesareperfect!!

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    A lot of people get into nudism by skinny dipping in their backyard pool.  They find it so comfortable, relaxing, and fun that they hate going back to wearing a swimsuit.  After giving it a try, they usually miss having friends around to have fun with and discover a whole community of nudists who understand exactly how they feel and are more than willing to join them for a skinny dip! 

    If you’ve thought about trying nudism and you have a backyard pool (or maybe a good friend does), ease into it by doing some skinny dipping.  Once you feel how great the water feels on your bare skin, you won’t want to go back to a swimsuit! When you are comfortable, seek out your local AANR or TNS affiliated nudist organization to make some nudist friends! 

    The Heartland Naturists of Kansas City have been promoting wholesome, family-friendly nude recreation since 1982.


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    Family nudists. Stunning !


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    A Perfect Body at allbodiesareperfect!!

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