1. nakedthoughtfortoday:

    Whenever I’m up for a new adventure, I call a friend and we follow the tracks.  You never know what or who you’ll come across.

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  2. thecurvygirls1:

    A beautiful curvy Mom in the clear water.

  3. centauri4-naturism:

    Maybe there DOES need to be a new banner for humanity!  Nude, Naked, Happy and Free or “NNHF”!  …and an acceptance of the collective practices like the one demonstrated HERE, on the street AND she committed the occasion to film permanently!  (or digital memory, Okay)

      ~ Centauri4

  7. hammonrye:

    reading nude

  8. nakedthoughtfortoday:

    I keep telling myself„,Be yourself…Be yourself…Be yourself.

  9. hammonrye:

    Naked at home

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